Monday, September 24, 2012

Writing and Language Arts Learning and Games

The last few weeks we have been reviewing basic punctuation and capitalization rules. We have been working on finding errors in our own writings and editing our papers. Below are some fantastic games to check your learning and skills. Leave a comment below on which you've tried! Super students are constantly sharpening up their skills and testing their knowledge. Be the best you can be!

Create your own story! You decide on characters, setting, and plot. A Dog's Autobiography

Find and fix the mistakes! Proofreading is Powerful

Build a brick wall of mixed up words and form a sentence. Wall of Words Game

Splat and squirt on the correct punctuation mark. Shoot the Mark

WIN a MILLION Dollars! Can you fix the incorrect sentence? What will you do with all your fake money? Million Dollar Punctuation

Monday, September 17, 2012

Welcome to our Blog!

The battle of dogs vs. cats goes on daily in my house as well!
At last, we are ready to start blogging about the learning and activities that have been happening in our classroom the last several weeks. We have been extremely busy cooking up some great strategies in math, reading, and spelling...Where do we start? Well, currently there has been quite a battle going on in our classroom. Between the barking and meowing, I'd say these animals are reading up a storm! Scholastic books have set up a National Reading Contest that we are participating in. For every 20 minutes the children read and log on the scholastic website, they donate a book to children all over the world. Plus, whatever side you have chosen (dogs/cats) earns points. Each day the numbers tend to be rising and these pets sure mean business! They were given a screen name last week and password to log their books. Way to go readers! To read more visit:

I look forward to checking on which one of YOU will be crowned TOP CAT or TOP DOG with the most minutes logged!