Monday, June 3, 2013

End of the Year

It seems so difficult to believe the end of the school year is approaching. Time flies when you are having fun which is the only explanation I can think of! Many of your students have spend 2nd and 3rd grade with us and saying goodbye will be very challenging. We have learned and grown together and we are so proud of all of their accomplishments!  Make sure you visit the library over the summer and continue reading and going on Reflex Math.

As the last week begins, here are a few reminders about the week:

-Award ceremony is Tuesday at 9:30.
-Field day will be at 12:30-2:30 Tuesday. Please  have your child wear shorts, t-shirt, tennis shoes, and apply sunscreen BEFORE your child comes to school. We can't have it in the classroom!
-Pajamas and Book Bonanza  Day is Wednesday. Have them bring 1-2 of their favorite books to share and read.
-Game Day is Thursday. They can bring a board game, puzzle, or card game to play with others in the class.
-Friday is the LAST DAY! Dismissal begins at 12. They will bring home  their report card as well.

Have a wonderful and safe summer boys and girls! Please come by and visit next year or email!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Building our Stories

As growing writers, we constantly motivate ourselves to develop our stories. In class we have begun writing fictional stories. Students were asked to brainstorm topics such as things they wish would happen to them and events that happened in their life they wish had gone differently. Next, we reviewed the foundation of a good story.


After creating a comic strip of all the scenes in our stories, they are ready to draft the 'good stuff'.  They will be encouraged to use figurative language into our stories and  rich and delicious words. Students have been taught how to give foreshadowing clues in the opening that build the suspense as rising action grows. They have done a marvelous job of setting the stage for their stories. We will work on showing and not telling our stories this week. Great ready to make your ideas come to life!

Story Elements Quiz

Cinderella Story Elements

Friday, April 5, 2013

Spirit Week

Get ready to show school spirit next week! In preparation for the FCAT testing the week of April15th, we will be having spirit week starting on Monday, April 8th. We want our students to feel relaxed, confident, and excited to show off all their knowledge. Each day will be have a different theme. Feel free to get those creative juices flowing to pump your child up!

Mon.-Patriotic Day
Tues.- Sports Shirt Day
Wed.-Fashion Disaster
Thurs.-Chets Creek Spirit Shirt Day
Frid- Rock/Pop Star Day

We can't wait to see all our wonderful students  and get ready to rock the FCAT! We believe in you!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Typing Skills

Get ready to tighten up those typing skills and speed. I've noticed many of us appearing to peck away in search of every letter on the computer. We live in a world now that requires typing skills at a very young age! Having a knowledge of the home keys is very important and gaining speed now will only help you in the future. Try out some games below and see how much you can increase your speed and accuracy.

Trick or Type Games
Typing games
More games
Learn your keys
Many skill building activities

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Welcome Allen Say

In Readers and Writers Workshop, we have begun studying the author  and illustrator Allen Say. During an author study, students learn all about the author's craft and style of writing. This type of unit allows students the chance to compare and contrast themes, characters, and plots more deeply.
During each reading, we fill out an attribute chart to monitor his books. This chart includes: theme, setting, plot, genre, noticings, and characters. Then, students will be writing responses on his stories.  They will start to notice many similarities in his books such as how many characters chase their dreams, believe in themselves, cultural differences and struggles, and the bonds of family. Ask your child about their favorite Allen Say book! Or, visit the website below to view summaries of his books.

Allen Say Homepage
 Interview with Allen Say

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Helping Verbs

This week we have been learning about helping verbs. Helping verbs are
a verb that comes before the main verb. It does not show an action like a normal verb. Together the helping verb and the main verb form a verb phrase.

 For example, in the sentence Samatha can ride her sister's tricyle,  the helping verb is can and the main verb is ride.
More than one helping verb can be used in a sentence. For example, in the sentence Miss E has been walking to work, the helping verbs are has and been.

Sometimes a word (such as not) separates the helping verb from the main verb, but NOT is NOT a helping verb. For example, in the sentence Pam does not want a new  sweater, the helping verb is does and the main verb is want.

Sing along to the catchy tune Jingle Bells to learn your helping verbs!

"Helping Verbs! Helping Verbs! There are 23....

Am, is are! Was and were! Being, been, and be!

Have, has, had! Do, does, did! Shall, should, will, and would!

There are 5 more helping verbs: may, might, must, can, and could!"

Be a Millionaire Game
Fill-in a Helping Verb
Flash Cards and speed sorting

Friday, January 18, 2013

Extra Reading Games

Over the long weekend why don't you sharpen up your reading skills! Being an active reader is so important in learning more vocabulary and helps your imagination grow. I always challenge you to read everyday and make sure it is a book that you can't put down. I love the chills of a good ending or a surprise twist in the story. Or, when I scream out loud because I can't believe a character did something in my story and I scare my cat!
 I want you do love reading and find books that keep your attention. Cuddling up with a great chapter book on a frigid day like today is the perfect end to my week. Now, many of you enjoy books, but there are other ways to keep your reading skills strong and kicking.  Therefore, while you enjoy your time off from school, read a little, and then play a few games!

Pie in face-multiple meaning game
Create words-gem hunt
Comprehension Games

Click on the 'skills' to practice each skill-author's purpose, cause/effect, compare/contrast.
All Reading Skills

Saturday, January 5, 2013


We sure hit the ground running coming back from break. Students have been extremely excited to start our report writing. They were instructed to select a famous person, dead or alive, to write a report on. We already made a trip to our school library to gather material for our research this week. However, many of the children need to use additional sources of information to write a complete report. Keep in mind they will need at least 5 different chapters in their report, not including their introduction and conclusion. For example, common chapters might be: Early Life, Schooling, Inventions, Awards, Family, etc.

Please use the sites below to gather additional information. Also, make sure to check out the city library for books. I can't wait to see how through and superb these reports will be!

Biographies for Kids
Famous People of the Past
More Biographies