Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Welcome Allen Say

In Readers and Writers Workshop, we have begun studying the author  and illustrator Allen Say. During an author study, students learn all about the author's craft and style of writing. This type of unit allows students the chance to compare and contrast themes, characters, and plots more deeply.
During each reading, we fill out an attribute chart to monitor his books. This chart includes: theme, setting, plot, genre, noticings, and characters. Then, students will be writing responses on his stories.  They will start to notice many similarities in his books such as how many characters chase their dreams, believe in themselves, cultural differences and struggles, and the bonds of family. Ask your child about their favorite Allen Say book! Or, visit the website below to view summaries of his books.

Allen Say Homepage
 Interview with Allen Say


  1. I learned alot about allen say even I don't know about him but now I know lots about him

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  3. Hey miss.Evanko i know school ended but i miss you and mrs.Tsenges so i went on the blog and i saw the part of Allen say so i remembered how i love Allen Say books and really enjoyed them and i thought it would be nice to tell you both that your choice for reading were incredeble thank you for everything

    1. Aww this made my day! We miss you very much too. I'm so happpy to hear from you and see that you have visited our site. I hope you are having a fantastic summer!