Thursday, November 29, 2012


Congratulations to the following students who have currently made 100% fluency in Reflex math! They are Kerrigan, Nick and Sahil. However, close behind are Chessie,  Gordie, Michael,Keely, Kella, and Cade. They are all in the 90% range for fluency. We have several students who are coming on strong being fluent in at least 80% of their facts. They are Prabhmeeka, Gordie, Addison, Caitlyn, Khamiah, Ryan, Kayden, and Trinity. I have already put those who have mastered addition on to the multiplication games. I am looking forward to adding the other students as soon as possible.

Remember...if you don't use this website on a regular basis, your growth will be very limited. Thank you to all who have embraced this fun way to learn their math facts!


  1. thanks Mrs. tsengas,

    I love reflex math!I hope I will reach 100% soon!

    Love, Chessie Beringer

  2. i wonder if nick is beating me

  3. I am so close! I have to make it soon!