Saturday, January 5, 2013


We sure hit the ground running coming back from break. Students have been extremely excited to start our report writing. They were instructed to select a famous person, dead or alive, to write a report on. We already made a trip to our school library to gather material for our research this week. However, many of the children need to use additional sources of information to write a complete report. Keep in mind they will need at least 5 different chapters in their report, not including their introduction and conclusion. For example, common chapters might be: Early Life, Schooling, Inventions, Awards, Family, etc.

Please use the sites below to gather additional information. Also, make sure to check out the city library for books. I can't wait to see how through and superb these reports will be!

Biographies for Kids
Famous People of the Past
More Biographies


  1. YEAH MY daughter was telling me about it

  2. my report i s comming along great

  3. I'll miss y'all.:( I love you guys! xoxoxox!